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What is an LED balloon light ?

Balloon Lights are small lightweight LED lights that flash or glow ! Oh, and they go inside balloons, if you choose ..

Are the lights for balloons only ?

No, you can use them as a table centrepiece, hang them around the garden, place them amongst the plants and many more ways.

What colours are available ?

They are available in seven colours including white, purple, pink, blue, green, gold and red. Use them with a different colour balloon for other effects.

  • White White
  • Blue Blue
  • Gold Gold
  • Green Green
  • Pink Pink
  • Purple Purple
  • Purple Purple
  • How to place inside balloon How to place inside balloon
  • Other uses Other uses
  • Simple instruction Simple instruction

Balloon Lights

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White LED Balloon Lights

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Blue LED Balloon Lights

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Red LED Balloon Lights

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Green LED Balloon Lights

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These Balloon Lights are ideal to add a 'wow' factor to any special occasion or event. They are perfect for placing into helium and air filled latex balloons to provide an effect that will have all of your guests talking. The unique design of the lights ensure that they remain so versatile that they can be used in many ways and only your imagination stands in the way.

Balloon Lights can be used for your wedding, birthday party, anniversary, christening, corporate function, at Christmas, Valentines day, Halloween and much much more. Use them as a table decoration to enhance your flowers, scatter them across the garden, place them along a pathway to guide the guests, hang them on string across the ceiling and of course, in balloons

The lights are available in 7 colours - White, Purple, Red, Green, Blue, Gold and Pink

The lights last 6-7 hours full strength in static mode and up to two days in flashing mode.

They do work in water but the lifetime is reduced. We advise to use them amongst gel cystals that we call Magic Soil.

Each light sold individually
Dimensions : 2cm x 1cm
Weight: 2.5g
Includes: Batteries and plastic tie for securing

Additional Information

SKU bal-light

These simple instructions will assist you with being able to place the balloon light into a latex balloon. The example shown below is using a white balloon light and a blue latex balloon.

tag remove from light




1) Remove the balloon light from the packaging and pull out the tag from the side.

insert into balloon




2) Insert the light into the deflated balloon

place tie around light




3) Inflate the balloon with helium or air and tie a knot in the end

let light drop into balloon




4) Let the light drop into the neck of the balloon ( gravity normally makes the light fall the right way up ) and secure the light with the cable tie

cut the tie




5) Cut the excess from the cable tie ( this is not necessary but looks better )

turn on light inside balloon




6) Twist the bottom of the light, whilst inside the balloon, to turn it on. If you want the light to flash, stop twisting when the light flashes but if you want constant light, carry on twisting until the light stops flashing

Finished balloon




7) Now place the balloons wherever you need it

  1. Magical !! review by Kimmy & Ryan on 06/06/2015

    We brought and used these white balloon lights for our wedding and they were worth every penny. They sure made a wow factor to our venue!!! All our guests were talking about them, would recommend to anyone!!!! Thanks very much.

  2. Made a difference to my wedding ! review by Georgia - Herts on 06/06/2015

    I found these lights and really did not know anything about them and so I thought I would give them a try as we were having our reception in a location that was very dark and had little lighting. We placed these lights alongside the pathway and it really did help the guest find where we were without having any lost aunts !

    We also had these in the gel crystals which I think you call Magic Soil. They were in vases with some decorative flowers and when the evening arrived, the vases still acted as a centrepiece despite the lack of light. For such a small amount of money, they were one of my best buys for our wedding ! Thanks

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